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About Vanny Group

  1. Our product

    • Indochinese cynomolgus monkey – offsprings of licensed breeders with known geographic origin and with genetic consistency.


  2. Mission statement

    • Our mission is to breed and raise top quality cynomolgus monkey with genetic uniformity in an environment with well defined enrichment  program.

  3. Core business

    • Vanny Group is established and domiciled in Hong Kong. We have solid development history for 20 years and have established different campuses in Vietnam and Cambodia.

    • Our principle business is production, breeding and husbandry of cynomolgus monkey for use in scientific and academic researches.

    • Our group currently employs around 280 staff in 3 operating regions (Hong Kong / Mainland China / Cambodia). The workforce  represents an eminent integration of diverse and dynamic work culture. It is made up of management professionals from Hong Kong, qualified veterinaries and technical experts from the Mainland China and versatile domestic workforces from the operating regions.

  4. Milestones of official approval from various authorities for export purpose
    • Our campuses have been inspected and approved by the following authorities for export purpose:

    -       MAFF, Cambodia
    -       The CITES Management Authority in Cambodia
    -       The Home Office of United Kingdom (in 2008)
    -       MAFF, Japan (approved in May 2010)
    -       MAFF, Korea (approved in Nov of 2009)
    -       MAFF, France (approved in Dec of 2010)